Welcome to Open-Minded Singing Official Website. If you want to: practice singing, improve your vocal skills and learn how to sing in harmony, everything based on your favorite songs and with an open mind this is a perfect place for you! My name is Justine. I’m a professional singer and songwriter. I want to share my knowledge with you and use my skills and technology to do it in a quite original and very effective way.

I was singing since I was a little girl but my adventure with Open-Minded Singing has started over a year ago on YouTube with the series called Harmony Games.

Harmony Games

In this series I’m showing you how to sing in harmony your favorite songs and you can practice it:

1. WITH ME First, I’m showing you only one voice so you’re not disturbed with all the other parts. You can easily listen to it, memorise it and sing with me.

2. SING ALONE Second step is probably not so satisfying but it is essential to reach our goal. Before you’ll start singing in harmony you have to be sure you can sing it on your own. Without any help and getting lost.

3. IN HARMONY In the final step, you’re ready to practice with all the other voices. Maybe it’s not gonna be easy at the very beginning but you’ll see how rewarding it is. It’s an amazing feeling to harmonise.

Brand new tutorial is out:

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What's coming next?

I’m choosing the upcoming songs based on your requests and number of your votes.
I also have to consider the complexity of all the vocal parts and instrumental. Take into account by which artist is the song and what style to maintain the diversity of all the tutorials.
This is what’s coming soon:

Best Part


It takes dozens of hours to create one Harmony Game that’s why I always have to ask you to be patient and understanding. A new video will be released on… new date soon.

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